If the Bungle was a squirrel


What does WWI have in his mouth????

I don't think we have to worry about WWI throwing nuts at anybody, I understand he lets them bounce across his chin :lol:

Hey! How did I get drug into this? :lol:

I've been asking meself that question for quite some time :banghead::banghead:

I think W_W_1 has a "thing " for you guys >>>>>>>>> :banghead::busted::crazy::lol::lol::busted::banghead::lol::busted::crazy::lol::lol::busted::busted:


Weld-it is gay pass it on :banghead:

I've heard him and woodsweapon2 get it on. :banghead:

Weld-it is gay pass it on :banghead:

I've heard him and woodsweapon2 get it on. :banghead:

Only when their alone..... but how often is that

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      Hi guys, I live in California and there is possibility of me moving to Mason/Ohio. 
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