Share your jumping videos here

Alright.....i'll admit it....."Sick jump vids" was a bad name. we go again. Let's keep it clean and on the point. No rude comments. Let's just share what we love to do. Everybody post your jump videos right here, as the title entails. It doesn't matter how big or small......just post them. We're havin fun on this one.

This is my local track. Not much. I couldn't do the whole first camelback yesterday cuz everytime I landed it pulled on the torn ligament in my knee. I thought my girlfriend did a good job getting the footage though.

Here's another little tabletop.

Yay.....look at all that brand new gear!! I'm happy. I haven't had really good new riding gear in a long time. Have fun with this guys.

Let those videos play through all crappy at first. Let it sit for a minute to finish loading....then hit refresh. THat's how I had to work them on mine.

Here's mine: video It's soundless and slowmotion like but you get an idea.

It's from my home track witch is now completely flooded and ready for winter. :banghead:

seems cool

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