Anyone with an EBC clutch kit?

Just got the email from TT that my order has shipped. The kit will go in my 84 XL600, and I noticed that kit fits many other Hondas. Are you happy with the kit? Do the parts last?

I've had good luck with EBC brake pads & rotors, but I like the stock clutch discs better than the EBC discs I've tried on various bikes over the years. Perhaps EBC clutch parts have improved since I last used them. They're a large company and they produce clutch & brake parts for a number of applications and their clutch kits are sold by the thousands throughout numerous shops. I believe EBC sells to Rocky Mountain under the Tusk brand name for brakes / clutch parts and there's plenty of people who buy these kits in addition to the EBC clutch kits that they and other companies sell.

I have a EBC (DRC) clutch kit in my xr600. Although I've not had it fitted for that long it looked like a good bit of kit when i installed it. I fitted it early in the year. EBC are quality products.

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