I broke down and bought the JD kit, some questions

I know I have already purchased it, but is it really necessary to have? I took my bike in and had it rejeted. It’s an ’06 450exc and it runs much better. What can I expect with this kit installed? Thanks for your input.

Focker Out

In my 450xc the JD kit is better everywhere except 0 to 1/4 throttle, I have a small flat spot there. Still working it over and I will post with the fix. The response from 1/4 throttle on up is good enough to keep me working on it, I really want to find a way to keep the JD needle(s) in there. In your EXC the JD settings should be perfect, that motor/carb combo has been around for a few years.

I put the kit in my '01 and it helped, but took a while to dial it in. I had to use a variation not on the chart supplied.

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