Guts Tall Seat for 650L

I've done a search with no results...

Anyone have a Guts Tall seat for their XRL. I'm thinking about one but would be interested in comments before I buy. Thanks!

Yep I have one, intialy I wasn't sure I was going to like it (is very firm and took a little breaking in) but now I couldn't go back.



Do you happen to have a picture of it?

No I don't, but I can tell you it doesn't look like the pic Bryan posted it is not as flat, nothing like the ALoop setup. My seat is only 1 1/2in above stock so it is not a real super difference in looks just minor. I think since my cover is black it probably hides the difference even more (ya know black has that slimming effect!). I notice it a bunch just riding I sit better on the bike and can stand up better/easier.


I need to get some pics of the bike up, hopefully soon.

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