power loss at Midrange?

I went riding yesterday and during the ride my throttle in the midrange got worse. If felt as if I was running out of gas but just in the midrange, it had great power at idle and topend. Could this be just a jetting problem or something else..

How about some specs'?

Recent air filter service? Possibley over oiled and plugged the PAJ or MAJ in the mouth of the carb...

And what do you mean good power at top end? You mean it runs like nothings wrong or it simply runs ok...

Could be a plug going bad too...

It could be the plug going bad. It run at top and bottom very well. I just cleaned my airfilter and used a small amount of oil just see if that was the problem, no luck.. What jet controles the amont of fuel air and mid range

The needle controls the midrange. However, if you've ridden these trails before why would it change? Cooler weather?

Change the plug. Its a fifteen dollar experiment, but a new plug never hurts...if nothing changes, douche the carb...

I found that the problem was a dirty carb and a semi bad plug...

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