1st I was wondering if the levers from a 05' RMZ250 will fit on the RMZ450?

2nd, I was wondering if anyone has replaced their factory levers for aftermarket ones. I like the look of the Moose & MSR Competition levers, seems like the rubber grip might help. I would like to keep the factory perches if possible. I cannot find anyone on the internet that lists levers for the 450.

i have purchased the asv levers and hot start set up. i have an 05. quite happy with the set up and a little expensive with the up front cost but very happy with the product. i was under the impression that the rm and rmz levers were the same.

I bought a set of MSR levers for the RMZ 250 when I broke my brake lever. The brake lever fit, but not the clutch lever. My dealer didn't have levers in stock for the 450 and the parts guy said they would work. He was 50 percent right.

Yeah, figures that the clutch will not fit. I would just like my levers to be a little shorter if possible. I guess I could always buy factory levers and shorten them, but I would much rather buy some aftermarket. I have already bought the Dr. D remote hot start. It's great, no idea why it doesn't come factory. Oh well...well worth the money.

USE SUNLINE ARC LEVERS!!!! I hunted high and low for the right product. I have owned ASV and you will be the happiest with the Sunline brake and clutch!

Call and ask for Charlie at sunline/661. He is the one that helped me out, he knows everything about the right application for the RMZ450.

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