Please help with Insurance

Hi everybody. I' m new on thumper talk, living in USA , and on my -05 WR 450. Believe me or not, I'm not new with... everything.

Any way I just moved to Michigan from Finland and would like to get insurance against theft for my not streetlegal bike. Only for theft. $ 20 / month seems high comparing what I use to pay back home. Is there anything cheaper???? Thank you allready

That is about $100 per year more than I am paying. Keep in mind, I have a spotless driving record, great credit (which unfortunately applies to ins. rates), and since I still attend night classes with a 3.2 GPA, I get a good student discount. I don't know how your driving record relates since you are from another country, but they may even default you at the highest rate since you do not have a driving record with the DMV. Are you licensed to drive here? If you have a driving record here that shows a clean record, that could help your rates. Also, I don't think you can get ins. for theft only, its usually collision and comprehensive together or collision only. (Its always a good idea to be fully covered. Even in an off-road accident, you can be sued if you are at fault. :banghead: )

JMO - good luck! :banghead:

I have Farmers Insurance, and pay $10/month for full coverage on my 426 (and have since it was brand new).

In California with State Farm you can't get theft without getting liability as well. I pay about $13/month for my 450.

Thank you again guys. That $ 10 per month sounds a lot better anyway. I do have Michigan drivers license and clean record (short). I think I'm telling this to my company, where I have house and two cars. And if it doesn't do any good, I'll go to this farmers to get a coat for everything.

Is it a proper way to do it in U.S ? Things are a lot diffrent, but still it's fun to be here, and can hardly wait to get to the trails... :banghead::banghead:

I have Farmers Insurance, and pay $10/month for full coverage on my 426 (and have since it was brand new).

I also have Farmers with full coverage for about 10.00 a mo.

Its licensed as a dual sport bike. "Enduro"


road worthy 04 wr450 no insurance and no worries.....

gota love NH!!!!

You need RV insurance if the bike is NOT licensed/street legal...and it doesn't depend on your driving record. All mine are street licensed so I don't have RV ins. nor can I recommend anyone.

Try I have been very happy with their service.


A local JR. now INT. racer was in Vegas two years ago and there entire trailer was stolen from the hotel parking garage. 3 bikes, tools and all there gear.

Progressive accused them of stealing there own bikes!

On top of that the hotel missplaced the surveillance video. "inside job?"

All they ever got was the money to cover the riding gear.

These are honest people that got totally shafted by progressive.

If you live in this area and are into the MX sceen you know who Im talking about.


Much to my dismay I've had experience with this topic a couple of months ago here's my .02. My bike got ripped this past july the theives stole the bike off trailer,gear bag,nut & bolt organizer,12 pack of mountain dew from back of truck(they left the cooler full of cold labatt blue alone I guess my black cloud did have a silver lining)f***in punk kids I can only assume.Anyway I have had progressive ins. for about 5+ yrs because I plate for enduro purposes.Here in mi you only need plpd coverage to get a plate,so i did not think i was covered for theft. I called the progressive rep to report the theft and he told me I did have theft coverage under the comp on the policy. Plus up to $1000 on aftermarket parts & acc. with proper bill of sale,which will get me a few extra $$. I lost the title for the bike so I have to get a dup from sos to finish the claim but the progressive rep has called me no less than 3 times wanting to settle up. Not pushy or anything just wanting to know what's up. My experience with progressive so far has been fine. As for the orignal post I have more bs about mi insurance/plate procedures If interested.It appears I've given my .02+.10 sorry

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