help, drain plug torques?

i just got an 05' dr-z 400sm. i'm coming up on my first oil change and the owners manual does'nt state the appropriate torque for the sump drain plug or the frame drain plug. can anyone with an 05' sm help a fellow drz rider. btw, i love the bike! :banghead:

Joker, in what part of LA do you live? Were you the one that bought that SM from D&L powersports?

I'm also looking for the same info regarding the drain plugs.

Link to helpful thread.

Found this on a quick search. Pictures in the second reply should have what you need. I think the specs are tha same for all models but ymmv.

it was shipped in. got it from lightspeed motorsports in gonzales, LA. they had to trade a hayabusa to d & L for the bike i believe :banghead:

I never use a torque wrench for drain plugs. I just tighten it till it feels right. If I had to guess, it's probably something like 18-20 lbs ft

Frame 13, engine 15 (lb-ft)

or 18/21 Nm for the metric folks

thanks :banghead:

Damn you must've got the black one!

nope, i wish, it's yellow :banghead:

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