Race Tech suspension Cost.......????

Has anyone done front and rear Race Tech suspension on their XR400? If so, what was the cost?

Reason I'm asking is....I'm looking to buy a 2002 xr4 with $1600 worth of Race Tech suspension (1600 sounds too high). The bike has also has a fmf pipe and has been jetted.

The bike looks clean from the pictures. Is it worth the $3800 he's asking for it?

That sounds high for the valves and springs. Perhaps someone else did the work, so there is a significant labor cost in there.

Does it have 4 forks and 2 shocks? Sounds high even with labor, unless there was a lot of replacing going on. Regardless, I don't think the second hand buyer usually eats those costs.

seems really high.

figure front springs are about $125.

rear spring about $150.

valves, i don't know, i haven't done them but let's say $200.

let's say 4 hours labor at $75.

misc shop supplies, fluid, nitrogen, $100

that totals $600.

i'm probably off a bit but i don't think $1k.

I've done the Race Tech on a XR400 mrscullini is right,Fork springs are $109,Rear spring $129,Gold valves are $149/pr. front,$149 rear,seals are $21 front and $20 rear, all said and done, I paid in the neihgborhood of $570.But I have a shop that helps me out w/labor costs. Night and day difference.

Too high. You can call RaceTech and have them quote it for you. I did my front forks for $250.00 (just springs no valve work).

Just check this site out www.racetech.com

So, he's bumping up the price but, do you think an xr4 with those mods is worth $3800?

Kelly Blue Book retail on that year/bike is only $3300, and that's using my zip code, which probably has higher (read: jacked-up) values than most other areas.

I'd offer him $3,000 CASH, take the money out of your pocket, let him see all them hundreds, and see what he says... What've you got to lose? The worst he can say is "No", or counter with another number that could be lower than what you thought you'd have to pay...

Personally, I think he should eat most or all of the money he put into the suspension. That's just the way it works.

As the qwner of www.mxtime.com I do alot of race tech set-ups.Gold valve retail is 139.00 for front and 139.00 for rear.Springs are about $90 for the front and $110 for shock. Figure $200 for labor and you have a total of $678.I do 12-15 complete set-ups per month and most actually cost less.He must have used 24 carat gold valves or he got taken, or maybe he inflated price to make the deal seem better.

It really depends on the overall condition of the bike. The real question is do you? What I might consider it's worth is might not be what you consider it's worth is. If it is clean, not raced and in good mechanical shape, that might not be a bad price. Start it, ride it, feel for clutch slippage, check the wheelbearings, feel for steering head bearing slop, ask about maintenance, and generally make a condition assesment. If it feels right for you go for it. You need to ask for reciepts for any madifications that are claimed.

He must have used 24 carat gold valves

So that's why Race Tech calls them gold valves...

I had my Xr400 Suspension done in 2001 by a Race Tech shop for around $700. That included front springs, front and rear gold valves, fork seals, and shock service. Did not included rear spring because the spring was within my weight usage. Just about had a heart attack when I paid the bill, but it was worth it. Just sold it for $2700. It was a 1998 that I bought new and was pretty tricked out. $3800 seems steep to me for a 2002.

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