Front Brake Cable Upgrage

Thinking of upgrading my front brake cable to direct CR style steel cable to improve braking. I have found two products: Ride Engineering and Light Speed. Here are my questions:

1) Anyone have a preference over the two? Ride Engineering has been recommended on this site and looks cheaper. The Light Speed option requires getting their cool carbon fiber front fork guards that have an integrated CR braking style line (I think it also requires a Fastline steel cable).

2) If I go with the Ride Engineering which cable should I get? They have kits to convert over a YZF or WR. I have a 04 WR 450 but I have removed my stock headlight and run a YZ number plate. My stock brake cable looks a little long now that the headlight was removed but I dont know if the YZ cable would mount to my WR brake caliper.

3) If I go with the Light Speed approach, then the question becomes will their YZ450F fork guards fit the WR. (They dont make WR fork guards with the CR brake line). I have removed my stock spedo cable because I use a trail tech computer so I have already switched over to using a YZ fork guard on the spedo side. But . . . before I shell out close to $200 I want to make sure that the fork guard on the brake side will also bolt up easily.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. I guess I better get back to work and quit dreaming about the bike . . .


Don't know about the Lightspeed but I recently put the Ride Engineering hose on my '01 WR426. The difference was pretty impressive. I went with the WR model since the bike is dual sported with a headlight. If I was just running a number plate I'd go with the YZ hose. A little pricey by the time you buy the guide and all but well worth it.

Ride engineering is very well done. The only issue I have seen on my 2 buddies with the same set up as I have:

The crimped metal tube fitting at the master cylinder is very susceptable to getting broken at the neck. It happened to both of them. I have not had that issue but I agree the fitting tubing is a little on the thin side. :banghead:

I put a yz cable from ride eng. on my WR and it fit fine. I don't see much difference in the braking though.

I put a yz cable from ride eng. on my WR and it fit fine. I don't see much difference in the braking though.

If you can bleed it properly, you won't see any difference in feel. The only people that feel a difference haven't fully bled the front brake and apparently don't know how.....yes, my front brake is solid, no sponginess and it still has the under-caliper hose! :banghead:

Thanks Guys. I will get the Ride Engineering YZ cable.


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