Picked Up My '05 WR This Morning

Somebody wipe the smile from my face!

I've only had one thumper before - a DRZ400e (nice bike, but too heavy for me in the woods). I went back to 2 strokes and will probably keep my KDX220 as I've got it set up just the way I want it (and would get too little for it anyway), but after just 10 min. on the WR I am really pleased. It's neither broken in or dialed-in (dealer did free mods for me before delivery), but it already handles like a dream and the suspension is great.

I'm a tinkerer, so I've got the JD jetting kit on the way. Also, a YZ exhaust from a fellow TT'er. This is a great forum so I look forward to sharing and receiving tips and advice.

It's 75 and sunny out, so gotta go! :banghead:

Congrats on the new bike!!

Good choice! IMO the best 250F trail bike made.



I like mine for sure, ride the heck out of yours and report back

Congrats on the bike. You will love it!

Report back on the JD Jetting Kit, i love my bike and am very pleased with it but everyone say's the JD Kit will wake it up more. Interested to hear if it does.

Hi all, i'v also got a WRF25 05 mod don most of the free mods but haven't changed the exhaust yet undecided on what type.... brand interested on dyno specs hear in oz we have a pipe brand called staintuned see good any advice would be appreciated

Regards Steve O

G'day Steve, mate of mine recently bought a Staintune for his '05 TTR250 and reckons it has boosted power noticably... so he's a fan. He got it at Ballards for around $600. Haven't worried about a pipe on my '05 WR250 because, after getting rid of the baffle and getting more air in through airbox mods, I'm more than happy for the sort of single track stuff we do. :banghead:

Happy Trails, Dave :banghead:

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