Need a rough price

A friend is selling his DRZ-400E and I need a rough price to tell him.

'03 DR-Z400E with ACTUAL 59 miles on it and brand new condition. 100% stock condition.

I'm thinking $3,000-3500. Am I nuts?

BillZ? Wow! I haven't heard that name in a while... All good these days (sorry for the thread hijack BTW)?...

All is fine. How's things with you and the site? Things look great in here.

I'd pay $3500 for that if I were looking...perhaps more.

I just bought my KLX for 3100. It is in perfect shape also. KBB for california says High book is 3300 but they are for sale here for up to 3800.

$3200 at bare stock

Whoa, the real DR BILLZ???!! That HAS been a LONG time since I've seen that name.

$$$ on the DRZ- I just bought a 03 KLX400 w/ 85 miles, it is absolutely like brand new for $3000. I saw a new 03 DRZ400 sell on Ebay for like $3500 (not sure if that one on Ebay would be taxed or not). (I'm planning to dual sport the KLX and use the YZ262F for the trails.)

btw, LOVE your signature regarding DRN. I wonder if I have any kind of award for causing the most trouble w/o getting booted from good ol' FRN. (MN KDXer & Bazooka Joe over there) Aww, the good old days of DRN w/ Dorkie and the giggle-talker boys. :banghead:

I left there for good after Blowkie tried to give me crapp when I posted a few medical studies that showed knee braces did nothing to prevent injuries to healthy knees. This was when they were about to start a new sponsorship deal with Asterisk. Hmmmmmm.

What the he** ?

$3500 is a good price and so you might be able to wait a couple of more months and find one for $200 less, but why waste the time.

There is also no way to know the true mileage on an E unless it is someome you know (like your situation). Yeah, by 2000 only has 12 miles on it, but that is because I reset it yesterday.

DRZ's are not investments, they are motorcycles, so I say go for it, but if you can get it for less, then you can spend the extra money on a six pack carrier for the rear (more important than traditional modifications).

I should be trying to drive the price down on DRZ's so I can get another one, but that never worked...

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