shepherd is open

hey all you montana riders shepherd has just reopened ofter a year of being closed. Some of it is still closed, but most is open. They are working on moving the track that was out there and it should be up within the next two weeks.

Ya, thats cool. Lets just make a concentrated effort to act in a positive manner and police ourselves and keep her open. I was gonna ride there this Saturday, but I am gonna hit Elk Basin once more before the gun hunters and their ATV's take it over.

We rode AH-NI yesterday. It was our first time out there. Good time. Nice trials. I was impressed with the other riders out there, mostly quads. That is by far the most people I have ever seen while riding. There must have been 50 people out there, but it wasnt that bad. We did get a chance to visit with the BLM Ranger, he was a cool guy. He wasnt doing much checking, just kinda having his presence known. I did ask him to sound check my bike, as we are supposed to be under 98 db out there. I was at 99-100 with my open cap and 98 with my quiet cap. Good things to know. He said things are going very well out there, and there havent been many problems. That is good to hear. He said he is giving mostly warnings and trying to educate rather than just writing tickets, I thought that was cool too. Overall, I was pretty impressed. :banghead::banghead:

i love the elk basin it is probably the funest place to ride around. I go there all most everytime i go riding.

When i went to Ahni it was packed. I did not find it to be as fun as i expected. There is nothing challenging enough for me there. It is just a nice relaxing ride.

Yeah, AhNi is just a decent place to go when theres not much time. Elk Basin makes for an awesome ride. As challenging or easy as you want. We should hook up there sometime. But be aware, I am a shitty rider. But there is never a dull moment with me and my group around.

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