Anyone with a stock "R" tank for sale???

Went riding in the October Mountain State Forest in Western Mass this past weekend. We have had about 12 inches of rain here in the past week, so the normally gnarly trails were rocks covered with leaves and running water. Good stuff. The few times you hit soil with traction, you really appreciated it. There were lots of new dead-falls from the soil being so saturated. Working my way around one dead-fall, I high centered and toppled over onto the right side of the bike into a rock garden. The gas tank landed on a rock and developed a leak. The cylinder head has this raised bump thing in the center of the right hand side. It put a frickin 3/8" gash in gas in the bottom inside of my gas tank about three inches in front of the petcock!!! This was 1 hour into a planned full day of riding after a 2.5 hr drive!!! The gas was dripping/pouring steadily onto the hot header. I was thinking, "What is the flash-point of gas????" I plugged the air vent and rode back to the trucks as quickly as possible. After draining the tank, I reamed out a hole where the crack was. I made a gasked out of about 10 folds of duct tape and inserted an 8mm bolt thru a hole in the duct tape. Threaded the bolt more leak! I got to ride the rest of the day instead of sitting back at the trucks for 6 hours!!! I think this was my best trail side fix ever!

So does anyone have a stock tank in good shape they are looking to sell?

I also bent the left footpeg mount. Sheared off the screw that keeps the left footpeg from spinning around, bent the right footpeg mount (did I mention it was rocky?), and lost my damn liscense plate!!! I will let you know when pics are posted.

I am really happy I bought the Utah Aluminum skid plate. I can't even guess how many CLANKS I heard down there.

PM TT member "BajaBoundMoto". I think he pulls off the stock tanks to add larger ones before the bikes are even ridden.


There has been a few on EBAY the last couple of weeks look in EBAYMOTORS under HONDA XR650R then go to the bottom of the page and click on the highlighted XR650R. There is a 3.4 IMS on there now for $81.00 item #4582274249 Hope this helps

I've got one sitting here--how about $50?

I've got one sitting here--how about $50?

...and didnt bajaboundmoto convert his fleet to Husqvarnas?! :banghead:

I have a new one...never even used. $50 OBO shipped to you anywhere in the USA.

619-545-4768 office :banghead:

Rudy, I already have your old radiators.

Let me see how much the IMS 3.4 sells for on ebay tonight before I decide.

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