Picking up a 2006 kawasaki kx250f Tonight!

I am going this evening to the dealer and picking up an 06 250f. I Have never owned a kawaski or ridden one. The only 250f I have rode is an 05 crf. I am coming off a 03 yz450f but it has been a year since i have ridden. I have never owned a 125 2 stroke but I hated my yzf I only weight 160lbs. I rode the crf250 and loved it. I hear alot of good things about theese bikes but I am just worried about liablility problems. But Im assuming that its not that big of a deal Im sure kawasaki wouldnt throw something out on the market that is goin to blow up after a few rides. I will get some pictures tonight

Congratulations dude,your definitely stoked.Being that you haven't rode in a year I bet your going to hop on that green machine and be like yeahhhhh motherf___er

NO liability issue. Just take care of the bike, change the oil often...

I bet your going to hop on that green machine and be like yeahhhhh motherf___er

AHAHAHA..that how i am everytime i ride my kawi

Your not going to be disappointed this bike rips. My 06 is faster then my 04 ever was and that bike was all tricked out my 06 is stock and would kill that bike..Your gonna love it..

i agree with all the other posts..i love my 06 KXF..SOO fast and the suspension is AMAZING :banghead::banghead:

me too, me too!!

Love this thing. Beautiful and functional.

I can't say enough good about my 06. Much faster than my 04 and the suspension is to die for. It's soooooooooo plush



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