Any Alaska Riders?

I rode MX for a season then got married and didn't get to ride for a year but now I am divorced and will be back from Iraq at the early part of next summer and was looking for who is trail riding/off-road racing in Alaska. Preferably up north in the Fairbanks area but I will certainly drive. Well thanks for taking a look. -Zack-

Edited to fix the spelling of my own town I think Iraq is getting to me. :banghead:

lol I hope you are being treated alright over there...

My hubby and I might be moving up to Ak in the spring.. If so around wasilla or Anchorage... So I'll let you know... We only trail ride, so far!! :banghead:

Ya actually I am being treated really well all things considered. I mean heck I managed to get a job that placed me on a quad as my mode of transit, who would have thaught it possible? Though I will say quads are no where near as nice as my bikes and the auto transmissions really are no fun, especially when I had to spend three hours this morning with crap tools changing the clutch belt cause it left me stranded this morning, oh well I could be walking everywhere. So what does your husband think of the 450x I think that is what I plan to get next and since trails are similar Alaska to Wshington I was ondering hwat he thought? Thanks for the reply and let me know if you are headed this way.

Quads are pretty fun in the sand..... We are going to be trying our bikes out in the sand very soon!

My hubby LOVES his 450X. Sometimes it gets a little... how do you put this.... annoyed when you are really tight trails and yo have to go slow, bc it is air cooled, and if you arent going fast enough.. It isnt getting "cooled"

It has alot of power... and can do any thing!

It LOVES to ride the trails... SO much power, tork, suspension is great... seat is nice and cush.... It is a great bike!

I'll definatly let you know.. we come up twice a year anyways, but hopefully we will be moving up there this year..

I'll let you know

Stay safe! :banghead:

I will definatly try to stay safe. I hate to tell you but the 450X is actually liquid cooled not air cooled. I wonder if anyone else is haveing an over heating problem though? Well time to go dig though the honda section I guess. Thanks again for the info. -Zack-

AH ha.. I learned that too, aparently only my bike is aircooled :banghead:

Sorry :banghead:

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