WHAT DIRT WHEELS??? sm to dirt

:banghead: what dirt wheels should i use to convert my 2005 drz400 sm to dirt wheels? i bought this bike for allittle street ticking but need to get back in trails im having withdrawls, please help i need a fix, lol :banghead:

Any recent model DRZ-S dirt wheels should be a bolt on fit :banghead::banghead:

But you'll have to use the big SM front rotor.


I've seen a lot of advice on dirt wheels for the SM. Has anyone actually fitted "S" wheels and if so, does the bigger SM rotors bolt up to them ( frt and rear) ? I want to be able to go on dirt by only changing wheels. I know the big rotor will be a little exposed, but use will be mild and I can live with that.

Ya there was a guy on a foriegn forum that did it.

FYI E model or Kicker DRZ wheels will work also.

At least 96 and up RM125/250 front would work also but not the rear. You need the DRZ rear.

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