what wheels to use, sm to dirt ???

what dirt wheels should i use to convert my 2005 drz400 sm to dirt wheels? i bought this bike for allittle street ticking but need to get back in trails im having withdrawls, please help i need a fix, lol :banghead:

You can use E or S wheels and hubs. The rotors you will need to run without making a custom bracket to move the calipers(both front and rear) are stock SM rotors. There are pics of my bike in S mode in my garage area.

I believe you could get a machine shop/buddy with a welder & mad skills to fab up a bracket to move the stock caliper up above the stock caliper mount which would then allow you to run the S size rotor which is smaller and less likely to hit something.

thanks, at least now i know what my bike will look like when wheels go on, i got the same color black,love bike.

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