1998 RXC 620 - Help Finding Parts

I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can find aftermarket parts for my bike. I keep finding parts under LC4 which is the motor I have, but I don't know if they would fit my bike.



Most part for the LC4 motors are.

I've found this link useful in the past for researching item when I don't have my manual handy.

Give it a go.


Are you looking for aftermarket parts or OEM????

From personal experience I trust the parts sheets but not the wiring diagrams.

I'd try to get a hold of a manual for your bike.


I just read your post again...aftermarket parts.


What kind of parts are you looking for????

Most of the good stuff is over in Europe and Germany.

Lots of dual sport stuff around.

Give me an idea of what your after and I can steer you in the right direction.


I have a 1995 620 RXC that I would like a different Seat and new plastics for. Any ideas on that. And I don't really want to pay $100s for a new seat.


I scored a real nice skidplate from bent bike in auburn the other day and it was for the RXC's but fits on my SXC.

Might want to check them out....I remember seeing some decal sets for the RXC down there.....not sure about plastic...way to much stuff to remember..

Good luck


I certianly don't want those decals on my bike!!!!

Plastics would be nice though... I will have to check them out.

www.ktmamerica.com (on front page) has seat for early LC4s for $35 You have to do a small mod to fit on early RXC bike but for $35 is a great deal.

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