Rusty shock spring??

I'm cleaning up a bike for a friend and its been lying up for a while.

The shock spring on it as gone rusty, I was thinking of sand blasting them and having them powder coated,

but would the spring get damaged by the sand blasting and would the powder coating on the spring break cause of the flex?

Anyone got any ideas..

just buy a new spring for 100 bucks and save yourself any trouble. i dont know for sure but that spring is probably fatigued.

naw its ok just paint it with spray paint and it will be ok but use good paint or the vynil paint

now if he is racing mx and doing alot of jumping on it i might think about a new spring

Just replace it. It could break and cause damage to the bike and/or rider.

Replace it, you probably would want a new one anyways.

powdercoating is a lot cheaper than a new shock. Dont waste money on a new spring. Powdercoat does not come off when the spring is compressed.

good luck

I had the spring on my 95 XR100R powdercoated about 5 years still looks as good as the day they powdercoated it!

Depending on how much it has rusted I would consider this. Is it worth getting injured if the spring eventually fails?

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