Best slip-on exhaust for 05 WR250F?????

Hello fellow thumpers.

I am sure it has been discussed before but I am looking to upgrade the exhaust on my '05 WR250F.

I am leaning towards the White Brothers E2 slip-on and then add thier head pipe at a later date (lack of $$$$ on my part right now :banghead:)

What are some other options out there that have worked for you?


David :banghead:

running short on funds, pick up a used YZF muffler for $50 or less and install a powerbomb header later when you get a little more money. You will still have some money left over from what you would have spent on an aftermarket pipe to do some other mods.

Add the YZF pipe, it runs better than the stock 05 pipe and is cheap.

I'll add that IMHO getting your suspension revalved to suit your skills and conditions would be better than a pipe for the money spent

agreed, 100%. since I have finally got mine just the way I like it, very plush, I am much faster thru the woods. Still sounds cool too. :banghead:

I am really happy with the suspension set up right now. I had it done by RRP Cycles here in NJ. They have done two other bikes for me in the past and I have always been very pleased with the results.

I ride mostly trails in central PA coal mine areas, Tower City specifically, tons of rocks so suspension set up is critical.

I did have to find a nice balance for the suspension though since I now have been riding track on Saturday's with my two boys and trails on Sunday, but so far I am very happy with the set up.

I wanted to add the exhaust after I rode my brother in laws 05 250F a few weeks back, it just seemed like it had a little more "grunt" than mine and other than the exhaust we both had the same mods done.

Thanks for the opinions, I think I will try to find a YZ exhaust for now and see how that works out.

David :banghead:

I have been happy with my FMFQ2 and I have not put on the powerbomb yet.

If you haven't done it yet, get the JD jet kit also. It will add power across the powerband. Cheap too at $65 and you can install it yourself.

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