Puites on Friday 21st.

Stage at Jawbone. On the bikes by 8am and back between 3-5pm. 120-130 mile range. Lot's of fireroads, jeep trails heading up to the Puites, then about 20-30 miles of single/double trails.

Safe and Conservative pace. We won't be riding the really tough trails described in other posts.

We'll all be carrying extra gas, food and lot's of water.

This is more of an adventure ride in terms of trails. Lot's of miles.

Any takers?

I ordered my new KLX Ecerbis 3.7 gallon tank 2 months and 1 day ago, and I've still no tank. If I had it I'd join you on this to ride. With the recent rains I bet it is going to be some awesome riding up there. Have fun! :banghead:

Good trip to the Puites. 129 miles round trip. The soil in Jawbone/Dove Springs was still damp. The Puite trails were damp. Good temps and no dust. What a treat.

Between Jawbone the Puites


Damp dirt


Xr650 in the air


More damp dirt.


Epic Ride...!!!!!!!!!!!! moist ,virgin.........s :banghead: ...single track...........sooo sweet!! Thanks again louis :banghead::lol: Dave

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