How do i find out about trials competitions?

I'm getting more interested in this sport the more i play on my TL. How do i find out about competitions in the spokane area? I would love to watch a couple and my wife actually said it looked interesting too. dont know if thats because compared to mx, trials is a little "safer" or what (our son(s) will most likely grow up on motorcyles), but thats fine with me. so where do i look/who do i call?

For vintage trials - Click on the Events tab and scroll down.

For modern Trials - find the AMA site for the District you are in.

Here are a few local club pages that will get you started. The Puget Sound one has some links to many other sites too.

Puget Sound Trialers

And for the Spokane Club:

Inland Northwest Trials Association

This site has local names and phone numbers of other riders. Try calling a few of them if you need more help.

The Competition Season is coming to a close until maybe late January or early February. Check the web pages for schedules.. :banghead:

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