new drz400E owner

I recently purchased a new drz 400E and love it....but its due for service and a few mods. If anyone can help me out i have a few questions

1) were is the best place to get a service manual?

2) What mods would you recommend?

Any info will help....thanks.

Read the faq at the top of the page and also go to for more. I found the cheapest place for a manual is through, the klx is the same as the drz. The more expensive one they have is for the sr/s while the less expensive is for the r/e.

As for mods? Rejet is necessary dj kit for the s, jd kit for the e/k and the 3x3 mod for the induction system. Then protect the bike with cfc case guards, unabiker radiator guards.

Since you are in CA if your bike is 04 and newer it is a CA specific E model. Meaning it has the S model carb so you need the dynojet kit.

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