ttr230 clutch lever

I need to replace the clutch lever on my 230. The problem is the online stores that I have gone to don't have one for the 230. Do any of you guys know what other levers would fit this bike?


dosnt avs make one for it??? id give ya the site for it but i dont know it :banghead:

If you want to put a stock lever on it you can go to yamaha OEM parts. That will tell you if the make it, Sell it, if it is backordered, and haow to put it on to specifications.

Hi people,

I'm new to dirtbikes and just got a 05' TTR230. I'm trying to figure out my latest problem.

The clutch doesnt engage when the bike is cold (off), but works fine when the bike is warmed up.

The clutch cable seems to be working fine, but the bike remains in gear when I try to roll it, while holding the clutch in. When the bike is in Neutral, I have no problem, only when it is in one of the gears.

Any ideas would be greatky appreciated...


that seems to be normal. warm the bike up, then pull the clutch lever back and forth about three times. Then the egagement should be ok. Also, if you use synthetic oil, it may compound the problem.......ror

For TTR230 clutch lever use 2005 TTR125 clutch lever, for the brake use 2005YZ250 lever, these levers are identical. I use Moose levers, there a hell of a lot cheaper then stock.

I bought a 06 TTR 230 for my girlfriend and as you might relize teaching some how to ride involves falling. After finding out that the OEM clutch was $40.00 +, I needed to find a cheper one. The 03 YZ 85 handle fit nicely, a very little play. The best part they are only like $6.00 after market. You guys do the math she's gone through like 5 of them now. Good luck hope this might help you.

I went with the Moose after market lever as well (also because I like having a shorter lever). Sorry I don't have the part number, but I know they were quite cheap. One other way to alleviate the problem of expensive little levers is... buy yourself some nice hand guards. I went with the Acerbis Rally Pro's and with a little modifying (only cause I shortened my bars) they work great. Haven't broken a lever since I got them (or any hands). They're awesome for rebounding off trees, which I can't seem to miss while trail riding.

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