Did Honda Fix The Valve Issue in 05 Or 06

So I have a 2004 Honda CRF250R, it looked to be good and had no real reliability issues, then :lol: it wasn't so good, and yes I have maintained it properly.

Either way, I was talking to my dealer about 250F motors and he reckoned that the problems with the Honda had been solved in 2005 is this true?

Of course I understand you'll still be doing oil + oil filters changes after every other ride valve inspections every 5 hours riding time, but is it true in the sense you won't be re-shimming the valve clearances as often or doing top end jobs as often? I ride pretty hard, nothing like to the rpm limiter, but hard enough.

Could I expect to get more from a motor? :banghead:

Or does the 2006 model still have concerns to it's reliablility? :banghead:

Regards Honda0001

what valve issue?? :banghead:

My riding partners valves have closed after about 15 hours of riding then closed again after 2:30 of riding after.

And he rides it relatively soft.

Edit: forgot to mention its an 05.

But my friends 05 is totally fine. I think its the case of goodbike/badbike as with alot of these high revving 250f's

what does it matter, I thought you were getting a YZF?? just trying to stir the pot?? :banghead:

Yeah I am I just woundered really to be honest...

:fishing smilie: :banghead:

As I understand it, in '05, Honda introduced a new valve seat material in the all-new '05 450X in an attempt to increase valve durability. For '06, Honda has installed the new valve seat material in all CRF250's and CRF450's. If this is a "fix", it was only installed in '06 CRF250's.

Ok thanks that all I wanted to know not attacks on me...

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