custom xr400

is it possible to put a xr400 motor in a cr frame,(aluminum, 97-2005).? i know some cutting and welding would be involved. mainly wondering if the motor is too tall to fit in the perimeter frame, realistically and have room for the gas tank and carb. could anyone measure their cr frame, top to bottom? give me an idea if it is even realistic to consider.

thought about cutting the bottom of the xr400 frame and welding it into a steel framed cr, pre 97. as another option.

also considering the front fork swap but thought it would be cool to have a mxr400!

I saw some photos or a CR 250 ALU framed with an XR 400 motor on BBR page, I think the used to make that conversion, but they don't any more, go to BBR page you will see those picks I'm telling you about

BBR used to make aluminum XR400 frames.Maybe you should search for one used.

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