Ninja eating kdx on ebay, re


there we go!

Hey, if I had a 250 that could get to 100 mph in 300 feet, I could support my family with the proceeds from this miracle bike. :banghead:

You know that reminds me of a funny story...I was on my way home from work on my 2002 YZF-R6 and I passed my buddy's house and saw him standing in the yard talking to some guy on a new Raptor. I pulled in said hi and was about to leave when the guy on the Raptor asked me what size my bike was. I told him it was a six hundred. He then says his wheeler should be able to take it because his Raptor is a 660. I just about fell off my bike. I was like okay, let's see. We rode down the road a little ways and turned around (so my buddy could see) and I told the dude to say go. He said go and I yanked a wheelie and rode it to about 100 mph. I dropped 'er down in front of my buddies driveway and did a nice little stoppie. I turned around to see the guy on the wheeler about 150 feet back accelerating like a madman (or so he thought). He couldn't believe my 120 horsepower bike could beat his 55 horsepower wheeler. Let's not even get into the power to weight ratio, it is too silly. The KDX may have seemed to keep up for a second but come on, it was just an illusion. That's why nobody pays attention to 100 foot times in dragracing.

i kept up with a 99 600 Kawasaki Ninja from the start until I topped out at 100 mph, and that only took about 100 yards.
Well it could be that;

The Ninja had two dead cylinders

The guy on the Ninja didn't know he was supposed to be racing

The guy on the Ninja couldn't shift past 2nd

The Ninja ran out of gas

The Ninja was parked

They have short miles in OK

They have long hours in OK

A yard is what's in front of the house

:banghead: Seems possible.

no, its because the ninja didnt have a paddle tires and they were racing in the sand.

Puurty funny there grayracer...I like your style.

Frame has 9 coats of paint on it!!!! Sweet sassy molassy! Maybe if he had only 2 coats he could have passed the Ninja within the first 15yds at approx 75mph!


Baking your plastic in the oven is an old racer secret......

maybe ill try it....

Sweet! Like to see how small of a rear sprocket (and how big of a hill) it would take to get a KDX up over 100mph.

As a side-note, I drag raced my buddy's mid-90s XR650R (semi-dual sported) on my little '90 Interceptor 250 (Honda's version of the Ninja 250). He beat me off the line and pulled about a bike length ahead, then we were dead even with my front tire on his rear tire up to about 70mph. And this guy's saying his 200cc smoker can hang with an inline-4 600cc sportbike? Sure buddy. I have a CBR600 and a YZ400, and as powerful as the YZ is, there isn't a snowball's chance in he11 that it could hang with the CBR past about 15mph...unless they were on sand dunes. Even a tricked out 450cc+ supermoto is going to boned in a drag race with a sportbike. Of course, you all already know I'll just shut up now.

LOL what a clown LOL :banghead:

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