Imagine Slyko not making it through the flume trail.....


That looks like a sure fire way to soil your shorts. My goodness was that a long way down. :banghead:

Apparently he only broke a finger. Pretty lucky indeed.

I know that is not funny but I couldn't help laughing. Nice vid clip!!

I must be a little off myself as I laughed out loud. I guess cause I could see it happening to me.

:banghead: Scary Good!

It's so easy to hurt yourself in this sport. :lol:

One wrong move, go off the trail 1 foot and it's curtains.

Just ask Fryboy, Dominic, Steve, RJ, etc. Anyone who's ridden for awhile.

I've crashed & broken bones. Just ask Bob. :lol:

I'm padded up now like the Michelin Man. :banghead:

I like to think I'd just bounce down that cliff! :lol:

Be careful out there! :busted:

Poor Miles.... :banghead:

That was posted in the video fourm about 2 months ago.So even tho its a rerun it still hasent been ran as many times as some citcoms.

Deja vu....

Wow after watching that video it makes me realize how dangerous mountain biking is. I am so glad I have opted for a much safer sport.

I don't like to critique.... but he shouldn't have taken the "high" side of that trail.... probably coulda just went straight thru.... I do hear that hindsight is 20/20.

I was thinking the same thing. It looks like at the start of the vid that the first guy walked his bike down that section. Not being a Mt. biker, is walking your bike through a section akin to putting a foot down for a trials rider? In other words, a pansy thing to do.

His "dude, it's a high penalty for failure" comment was classic.

Yeah real compassionate.

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