DR650 Buell Headlight Mod

I paid about $85 for the headlight and headlight grill about 18 months ago. I just googled the part numbers to find the web sites selling the parts and went with the cheapest.

1. Buell Headlight Assembly - Part Y0421.1ADA ~$50

2. Buell Headlight Grille - Part M0023.1AJAYT ~$35

khornet, can you check if these parts are available at the prices you stated ?

I want to put these on my DR350.


I have just discovered this thread & there is a lot of good info here. Sorry to take you guys off tangent here, but do you think my 94 DR350SE can power this soon to be released DOT light from Trail Tech? Will I have to use a relay or will it be ok without?


Sorry I bought my Buell parts two years ago and don't recall who I got them from. But all I did was google using the part numbers and then went with the site that had the lowest price. Try that.


Much as I wanted a Buell, it was over-priced. So I started looking and ended up with this

The lights are Hella, and integrated onto the stock DR650 headlight cowl so that I could easily swop it between the DR650, and DR350.


Thats mezmorizing

I am still using my Buell lights, but now on my DRZ400e. I put an ebay HID kit in one of them, and use it as a high beam, and it's AMAZING. It lights up crazy amounts of road and trail. If I turn it on during the day, even in sunlight, it lights up street signs and reflectors. :smirk:

But, if I were to do it again, I wouldn't. I would just purchase the Baja Designs HID kit.

A friend of mine has the round light, with three different lights inside of it, some of which are HID. It's pretty sweet, works great, and is tough as nails. That's what I would do.

The way I mounted this, is the only way I could come up with, because I don't have a machine shop, don't know anyone with any machining capabilities, and couldn't find any products to use to mount these lights. So, it looks like crud, but works like stink. So, it's a draw.

+1 on the high beam hid, it rocks. Had it on the low as well, but was too much (and not legal). Still spooks me to see deer with GLOWING white eyes, but it's nice to see them a long ways out

So much info, and awesome ideas in one thread. Unfortionatly the majority of the mounting ect are dead links :-( so I'm resurrecting this thread to ask an unanswered question higher up what does that bundle of wire look like/go when his is all done and how were the long time battery effects with both running as just 1 for each seems cheesy.

I never could find a proper mount, so I bent up some aluminum. It looks like hell, frankly, but works ok.

The wires are a real problem, they stick out like a sore thumb, or more like motorcycle entrails. Also looks like hell.

I have one light on when the bike runs, and the other is an HID I use on backroads, or desert. Works good, but recently burned out. Probably due to the paint shaker effect, but it lasted a few years, so that's not too bad. Cheap on eBay.

I wouldn't buy this light again, unless I got it cheaply. It is a pain to get the parts, and they are expensive. I would just skip the headaches and get a nice Baja Designs HID light kit. Might cost $50 more. :ride: Much better quality too.

Thanks dentedvw for the info, and it sounds like the 1 and 1 HiLow setup works. Good info to know thanks . :ride:

I am curious as to the charging capacity of the 2 and 2 HiLow setup though for any others that ran the setup that way. Also any good solution to hiding the beastly wire bundle. :lol: I saw one with the lights mounted much higher upside down with a pack in front, any other good solutions?

The DR is still charging the battery (a little) when running the high and low beams at the same time. I have a thread somewhere called DR generator capacity or something like that where I charted the voltage at 3000 RPM's. bottom line is the DR can handle 2 55watt bulbs and have a little to spare. Break even point was setting the handwarmers on lo with both lights on. Setting the H/W'ers on hi with both lights lit dropped the voltage below the batteries normal voltage (12.6 or so). I just replaced my 2001 battery last year, so I am quite sure there are no long term ill affects. For peice of mind I do shut most stuff off a few miles from home.

As for the wiring mess - IMO it's mostly zuk's mess, my end is pretty neat. When I went HID I put the nice shiny box between the buell brackets so when you look thru the buell screen you mostly see that. Short of a full rewire - you'll have that mess. I also built a custom dash that I was able to stuff most of it into which cleans it up from the bottom

Ahh yes i saw the chart :ride: very nice read, just wanted to be sure:busted:

I'm also thinking of pushing everything up a bit to make a 1"-1 1/2" dash for a volt meter, extra USB power outlet, and whatever else my little brain thinks up.:lol:, so that may help contain some of the wires ect.

I'm shooting for the read more, install once method for this one.

I'm shooting for the read more, install once method for this one.

Great plan - I was looking at my garage to see if I had pics of that and you can see there are 3 revisions (well I can see that anyway). Basically raw buell, stock dash then the buell was lifted up and mounted on the new dash. I did that for a few reasons, one was I wanted to get some real wind protection from the buell (copied height/angle from a BMW 650) another was to mount the vapor and a 12v cig lighter - oh crap I just dated my dash:lol:should be a USB port

Yeah I like the look of the dash was that a custom fab dash or bought? If it's fabbed congrats on the nice work:worthy:, if not what was it originally for?

It seems to hide the wiring very well

im customizing a dual headlight for my dr650 like the buell headlight, . was wondering if the alternator is gona handle the extra bulb.. the new headlight i got has 2- 55w h3 bulbs.. im gona try and swap our the bulbs with a hid kit so it will pull out 35w each instead.. but was wondering if the start up power on the hid ballast is gona be too much power for the bike.. has anybody changed to dual bulbs, or try 2 hid bulbs for a headlight. im gona run all new wiring, and relays with thicker guage wire.

The pic links are dead. Damn

Yes the dead pics are disappointing. I'm trying to revive a DR650 that has this mod. The bracket fashioned to hold the windscreen and light all together was just a bent piece of steel with a few holes drilled in it. Somehow the PO managed to make it look ok but I can't leave it like that.


I'm looking for a picture of the bracket that attached the headlight assembly to the frame if anyone has that to offer please?

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