Question for Auburn/Sumner/PUY area commuters

Is anybody living in the South Sound i.e. Sumner, Auburn, etc. using the new light rail network to commute to and from bellevue/redmond?

What about using the light rail network to commute to Seattle?

Are you aware of South Sound commuters using light rail and making it work?

I wonder if it's doable for professionals who are hourly exempt, you could work on the train and bill hours.

I use the commuter rail (called Sound Transit) from the south end into downtown Seattle. I work for the federal government so that means I have flexible hours. The train has been the best commuter method I have used outside of carpooling with my wife. The train is clean, comfortable, I have seen only 1 weirdo onboard in 3 years (vice seeing several on county buses). Many riders use laptops or other devices to work, email, surf, watch movies, play games, whatever.

By taking the train I work an additional hour each day and it works out that I earn a comp day about every 2 weeks.

Remember, I'm from the government and I'm here to help, just not on my comp days off.

That's pretty cool mrudy.

Where do you catch the train? So how long is the ride each way?

Using the train, about what time do you get home?

I wonder if riding it from Sumner to Redmond is doable or should I just stick with downtown Seattle.

Before returning back to teaching, I worked hi-tech in Tukwila. I took the train out of sumner for a year and found it very enjoyable. Clean, quick and very reliable.

At this time, there is no light-rail going to redmond / bellevue and none planned in the near future (that I know of.) Your best bet would be carpool as regular traffic lanes are horrendous just about anytime of the day here, especially if it is raining.


thanks mx, you're right, i guess i was looking at the map and misreading it:

i think it would be more realistic to shoot for tacoma and seattle anyway.

any anyhow, it seems to me that there is a fair amount of "filling in" happening between tukwila and auburn... so i may not even have to go that far.

If you board at Sumner/Auburn - you usually can find a good seat, depending on what train you catch.

The first train home out of Seattle heading South is always packed, standing room a lot of times.

As far as working, it can be done, but I usually used that time to catch up on reading or what. With a laptop, people have a tendency to "peer" at your work.

Good luck!

I moved from Puyallup to Kent so I now catch it in Kent. Usually when I board in the morning I find a seat okay. Only occasionally will I have to opt for a rear facing seat (which I don't care for).

Heading home I try to get to the train about 10 mins prior to departure so finding a good seat is no problem. It eventually gets packed but I'm usually snoozing by the time we head south.

For those people who like total quiet while commuting, they have a "quiet car" where conversations are kept to a whisper and cell phones/beepers are turned off.

On many occasions it is far faster to take the train than to drive. From Kent it takes me about 45 mins into Seattle and then I have to find a place to park. Catching the train, the parking is pretty good and in about 25-30 mins later I'm in Seattle.

Another thing to mention that might matter to some folks--there are bathrooms on the train!! You won't find those on metro buses. Another creature comfort that makes it very enjoyable.

Great information guys, thank you very much.

It's really helping me define what areas to look for work in.

Basically, I figure I'll stick to Tacoma, Tukwila, and anything between Renton and Sumner.

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