Oil Smell

Ive checked hoses and there all ok.I changed oil and filter and top up with about 1900ml. could this be a little to much and its ventalating out some where. It only happens when its warm and i come to a stop .it sticks. :banghead:

i mean stinks

I generally use two bottles of oil when I change it, which means either 2 liters or quarts. Never had an oil smell that I've noticed.

My neighbor changed his oil on his brand new E (at 100 miles) and it has been stinking ever since. The oil level is correct, we have no idea what is wrong. It's not spilled oil burning off.

my bike smelled the same when when it was first breakin in, and my friend said his klr smelled the same way when he first got it, after a month or so i never noticed it again. i figured it was just something with new bikes

HI guys.. I think it might be from the ventlation hose that exits the black cannister box on right side of bike.The hose loops over to the left side and ends right next to the coolant recovery tank.Put your finger over it when the motor is idleing and you will feel slight pressure from crankcase fumes. thats how it is on my 2003 KLX400R. I think the KLX400SR (street version) is vented to the air box. I sometimes get the wiff of oil fumes when stopped, no big deal just make sure your hoses ar connected and not pinched anywhere L.M. :banghead:

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