CR 500 vs WR 426 ???

This may seem like a stupid question, but I really would appreciate some responses. What would win in a drag race between a WR 426 (with all the "free" mods done) and a CR 500? The reason I'm asking is because I've been riding a CR 500 for the past two years and am considering making the switch to a four-stroke. From what I've heard, the WR is pretty fast and seems to be suited to my riding conditions (everything from tight trails to some relly big wide open areas).

I had a ktm 360 and I have to admit it definitly had more power than my current wr with all the usual mods.

BUT the wr has much more useable power(in the eastern woods)

If your not in the sand dunes the wr has plenty-o-power.

to answer your question, I think the 500 would win with the same gear ratio.

You will not be dissapointed with the wr I was'nt

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Between my 00 YZ 426 and a friend's

CR500 its dead even. Doesn't matter

-starts, long straights, out of corners-

it all boils down to who ever got the

best jump out of the gate or the best

line through a corner.

There is a BIG difference in powerbands

between the two. The CR has a stronger

hit down low and pulls hard through

midrange, but that's about it. The 426 is

much more linear in its power delivery

and seems to pull forever on top end-

vibration free. IMO the 426 is a much

better all around motor.

I've never ridden a WR, but I don't think

there would be a big difference with

uncorked a little. Hope this helps you

get off your Honda :)


in a drag race cr500 will smoke any and all of our 400's.

Thanks for the help guys. I got the answer I was looking for.

i personally outran a kx 500 on a 1/8th mile drag strip, sand/loose dirt, but given more room and a better rider, that kx coulda really put a hurting on me. it's all rider, to a certain extent, then it's down to room to wind the 500 out.

As much as I like the big CR, it really is not all that fast in stock form. Yes it has a few more ponies (like 7) vs the uncorked WR. It also is a vibrating monster. The big difference comes in when the CR5 is modified. A little port work and a good head is all that is really needed to get 10 addl ponies out of the CR5. Having owned a modified 120MPH CR5 I can say they can be hard to beat. In stock form they are not much faster than a new 250.


unless you are a better rider than the person on a good running cr500 he will leave you behind like you are tied to a tree as long as there is good traction

I'd like to see a pic of your CR5, can you post one?

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