Considering racing next year but...

Money could be an issue. It's 110$ CND to get my license and about 30$ CND per race. The track are 1hr from my house minimum. The bike Could also be an issue because right now it's not hard on the wallet but if I race, the maintenance bill will duplicate since I plan to ride a lot (I have a home track). So all this, plus a car and college. It could be hard on me.

I don't know if parents will contribute. :banghead: But I'll ask Santa for an FC re-valving :banghead: and since we have a family company, I could slap some sticker's on my bike and sponsor the family! :lol:

So I wanted to know how you dealt with the bills and how does your first year racing have been. I want to know your stories, it will help me figuring this out. :lol:


Yeah I feel you bro, racing is some $$$. Pretty much what my dad do is go without heat in the winter and eat whatever is the cheapest on sale.

Dad took me to the track, I paid track entrance, $20 for gas, and everything else! Note this was in the summer when I was working. I get my license next month so it will be a lot tougher since instead of paying $20 for gas I'll be paying like $50 since I have to pay for a full tank instead of half because my dad won't be there to pay the other half. It sucks too because the best tracks to race are like 2 hours away.

Have you ever raced before? Last year I raced once at the end of the year and I was hooked. Sure its expensive but you dont have to race every single race, especailly in your first year. Race once and see how it is, then when you come back after a few, when you've practiced a bunch over summer, you can really feel and see a difference. It doesnt cost as much, and sure you wont get really good as quick, but you can still feel good about improving, and every race is worth that much more to you.

No, I didn't raced before. But even if I only want to try, I NEED to apply to the Canadian Motor Racing Associations (CMRA I believe) to get my racer's license and it's 110$ CND. I will call to see if my ID# (my racing number) is available. :banghead: It's the number 22, and no it's not because of Chad Reed. :banghead:

Then it's 30$ CND to enter a class (2 motos) and 25$ more for every other class you enter in + about 30$ of gas (bike & car) every race (approximatively and on the high side because I never raced but did practice there).

The only other thing is the added maintenance cost and schedule on the bike.

For those who had my age (18, will have 19 in may) when they start racing, did the parents helped financially? It's not even sure if they will come at the races! Well, too tel you the truth, I didn't had a serious talk about that with my parents (finance, support) but they know that I want to race next year though.

Yeah, the best part is it only gets more expensive as time goes on. I had to save for over a year to get my bike which I got back in march. When I started racing my dad helped with gas for the truck but not anymore as I turned 18 over the past weekend and all the help i was getting is gone. Now with college, my gf, and teenage crap i do racing is going to be tuff but really what else can you do for like $150 a weekend that is that much fun?!

And how was your first race people? Good? Bad? Crash? Win? Explain!

Well. My my first race I missed practice so I had to go into moto 1 without practicing. Well I ended up getting like 3rd to last places because they fell. Then my second moto I tried taking a new line then I was oringinally taking during moto 1 and the line had like 2 feet of loam that I couldn't see because it was at night and I ended up dumping the bike . But I got up and felt fast because I was mad and I ended up passing like 6 people even though it took me like 30 seconds to get my bike started and everything when I fell.

Then my second race I got 6th place and on the last lap tore my ACL. Then I tried to tough it out for my second moto, but I ended up getting last.

And how was your first race people? Good? Bad? Crash? Win? Explain!

I know wanted to hear Python first race but you get to hear mine also. :banghead:

I raced once last year right after I got my 450. It was awesome. I pulled a hole shot in the second moto (I was in the first timer class...) and it was a serious rush. I was to stupid/forgot to mount the timing thing so I have no idea how I finished, but I plan to run a bunch of races next year.

It is expensive to drive, maintain the and ride/race though. You need a second income...I know I do.

I know wanted to hear Python first race but you get to hear mine also. :banghead:
No, it was for every one. thanks for sharing. :banghead:

At the fist race ever, what should I do: Rush, head of a possible holeshot, be battling in the pack and risk to crash? Or start a second later, be in the tail of the pack and and work my way threw, pass the people I can because I'm faster?

im pretty lucky on where i live because i have a decent practice track, live ten minutes from one of the top 10 most difficult tracks in the U.S. and 30 minutes from a race thats people just mainly out there for fun. were low on money right now so we are trying hard to be able to keep racing cause with the gas up so high its really hard. :banghead: i HATE gas being up so high. Its frustrating.

first race dont race everyone else race the track. if you come up to somebody fight with him, but fight with one person at a time not the whole pack.

I say go balls out and show people what you are about, winning.

I say go balls out and show people what you are about, winning.

Common sense applies here. (it's comprehensible that some riders that very low brain cells) Going balls out on your very first race is surefire the quickest way to end up in the nearest accident and emergency. ''suzuki244nightmare'' has a valid point. It's best to be 100% sure that you can ride a bike with good practice day knowledge and experience behind you and learning how to ride with other riders is a sensible step. That is what I did, and it successfully worked out.

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