New 2006 CRF450X prices

looking to trade an xr400 for the new CRF450X, what kind of prices are you paying out the door, thanks in advance !!! :banghead:

got to do a seach and call some numbers. use those prices on local guys and someone will bite.

you can expect to pay 8,000 at best. I payed 6,250 for my 05 model out the door for mine and I got it at cost for being an employee. I also uncrated and pre delivery inspected the bike myself. But you'll have to find a dealer with a sale of some sort. unless you don't mind settling for an 05 - only a couple extreemly minor differences exist between the two. - differences that even a pro wouldn't notice. - best of luck to you!

$6800 OTD for an 05 450X, about a month ago.

6100 otd :banghead: for an 06

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