About to make a decision

well im bout to take the rim down to get a tire installed, and im stuck between the 3 tires, i ride mostly desert.

what do u guys thing outa the three?

d739 a/t 120/100-18

pirelli mt18 120/100 heavy duty

or the maxxcross desert LT 120/100-18.

help me out guys.

by the way chaparral motorsports has really good deals on tires every thursday.


i dont have any direct experience with any of those three tires...but here in nevada (desert) a few of my friends and I run Kenda Carlsbad tires around 15 psi...and have had great luck with them. Very thick stiff carcass...have not had any chunking issues...they hook up ok, have had no flat issues with them...

and best of all, they are el cheapo. something like 37 dollars from rocky mountain.

ill have to look into those, thanks man.......any body else?

D739AT :banghead::banghead: The thing grips and lasts for a while. Get about 5-600 miles out of one. The D606 Doesn't grip as well but lasts much longer. :lol:

Maxxis all the way. For the price they are hard to beat. The Dunlop 739 A/T's are also good but a bit more expensive. I would go with the Maxxis unless you can get a better deal on the 739 A/T. I race dez and for me the Maxxis has thus far been my tire of choice.

Definitely agree on the Carlsbad tires! I use them on my ice racer (Yamachuckle 650 twin side hack rig) because they are very hard and can take a serious beating. I have not tried them on my WR 400 yet but will give it a go next time around!


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