Progressive front springs

I ordered a set of Progressive front springs from Duel star. I got the springs today and put them in. I noticed the stock springs I removed had a progressive wound on them already, I don't know if those are the stock springs or not cause I got this bike used, it is a 2004 DR-650.

Anyway, I drooped in the new springs and cut the supplied PVC pipes for the proper size matching the stock size in total spring and spacer length.

Well, guess what the bike still dives when you hit the front brakes, No change or improvement at all. It is as if they sent me exactly as what I already have, which suck big time.

Any thoughts on this?

After the first 8 months, running the bike totally stock, apart from heavier

fork oil, I first put an inch and a 1/4 spacer in top of my forks with the

stock springs this lasted for almost 2 years... it worked great during that


I've since put in the aftermarket springs (which come with spacers) and

they work pretty much as well as the stock springs Plus spacers worked,

when new.

I do hope though that they last a bit longer. I don't do as much bush

whacking as I used to anymore (getting to weak..... I mean too old)

so I think that'll help them survive.

what does everyone use as spacers, im about to do this this weekend, i stiffened up my rear with preload, and then adjusted dampning almost all the way, i can do wheelies now lol

first off you should set your sag then go from there. as far as spacer use PVC for this bike strait rate springs take the dive out. Suzuki made this bike to be a plush highway weekend rider I might go down a dirt road bike on the setup. but it is totally tunable to your application. as long as it stays on the ground.

i used a 3/4" pvc "straight connector" when i installed my .47g racetech straight wt. springs and used i think about 600cc (about 5.5 inches from top when compressed) of 10w belray fork oil per fork. the dive is minimal and with gp-1 tires it is smooth at 80 on the road but soaks up the bumps off. handles gravel well too.


I may try heavy fork oil and see if it takes some of the dive out.

I wonder if 30w would help.

I mixed one bottle of Belray 10w and one of 15w, it works great

together with spacers, you have to increase the stock spring pre-load

along with the heavier oil, else it just swamps the forks.

I weigh around 235 if youre much lighter than that, I'd stick

to the stock oil weight.

I may try heavy fork oil and see if it takes some of the dive out.

I wonder if 30w would help.

in my very humble opinion, i think that is a recipe for serious harshness.

edit: quote was screwy

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