Don't laugh.

I need some help with ideas. Got a race on halloween. The club putting on the race is giving out really great prizes for the riders who race with the best costume on. Things like complete sets of gear, helmets, boots, parts etc... What I need is ideas for a costume. Remember, it has to be able to be worn over all my riding gear. So can you help me out?

Devil In A Blue Dress

Anything that you'd normally wear on Haloween should be fine. Just get a bigger size to fit over your gear.

I always liked the shower outfit from karate kid...I'm sure you could race in that

simple do what did, put white butcher's coat, with a couple of glow stick things in the chest pocket, call it chemical X ! then get funny clown wig and duct tape to helmet!! and done ur a mad professer!! or you could go as a roman warrior!!! full dress and all,, even a shield would be good!! and sword on your pack!! oh and put a main on your bike like a horse!!!

well, you could just ride a honda

^jk, but i would think a gorilla outfit or something like that, make it something original, they always do the best

...a ghost...a muddy ghost....hahaha

A sweet Chewbacca costume.

A sweet Chewbacca costume.

No! Raggity Andy!

It's not enough that we dress like circus clowns as it is, now they want you to wear a costume? :lol::banghead::banghead:

Whose that mouse who use to ride the chopper in the old looney tunes cartoon? That would be awesome.

i have a alien costume you could borrow, jk

i would go to a costume store, prolly find something good there.

get a fro, tape it to your helmet, and buble bee costume, completly origanal.

Duck tape a paper bag on your head (with eyes poked out) and draw a black and white.. NO I GOT IT! DO THAT AND THEM MAKE YOURSELF A PENGUIN!! And take one of those cap guns and get a little cowboy holster and duck tape that around youre waist. take liek 3 pvc pipes and make them into little pretend rockers and tape 1 on your fender and the other 2 on the radiator shrouds.. Ohh and you know those 5 year old girls with the 2 foot long streamers on the end of there barbie bikes? take 2 of those and put them on the ends of your grips... Ohh and take a dinner cloth and tape it around your neck (this is your cape) and tape a chuckie doll to the front numberplate and like burn it and put needles in it and stuff and duck tape it so it looks like your torchuring the little chuckie.. Can you some how wire up a kind of sound system to play really loud like dudes screaming and stuff. and tape a pumpkin in the back of your seat and then duck tape a brown paper bag full of candy on the inside of your bars so when your going around the track you can grab them and chuck them at the fans. but watch out this means they will throw it back at you so be aware of taht.. have fun!!!!

Ooompah Looompah

mike jones

Just wear your gear backwards and call yourself CRIS CROSS.

Or the michillen Tire guy.

giant hotdog, giant *****, get one of those inflatable sumo cosutmes..prally hard to ride in though

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