can anyone on tt do a backflip if so could u tell me wats a good jump to do it on...

can anyone on tt do a backflip if so could u tell me wats a good jump to do it on...

first off, i doubt anyone could do a backflip on TT...

second, a 2 stroke would be better suited for a backflip (its lighter)

lastly, how about a freestyle ramp?

try it with a 50 first.

On MX Unleashed I can..... :banghead:

Would you like to break your neck? I spent a day at Travis's place in Davidsonville, Md and it's not that easy. I was thinking about trying it before some dude nearly broke his neck. If you want to see it, search the video forum for "sucks to be this dude". I shot the video.

I know someone will ask... "how do you know Travis" Well I don't really "know" him. He's a good friend of a friend of mine, who invited me to spend the day over at Travis's place. I'll never forget it.

I tried one into water last year.

It is a lot tougher than it looks... Ive sinse lost the video. Didnt quite make it, had it been on dirt, I'd have been on my head..

X TT member Squidward hosted it for me... I had a friend video it so I dont have it on my comp... :banghead:

i do them all the time....paypal me $500 and i'll teach ya

I bet Travis would teach you for free... I suggest trying it in a foam pit 1st. Water isn't too good for a motorcycle.

My friend can do it into foam on a 50. He knows some FMX guys, I'll post the video up in a sec. (He's a mate from when I lived in Oz.)

He can also do it on a BMX into foam

Here's the video

I'll tell you this - if you don't have the experience to know what kind of jump to use, you've got NO BUSINESS even trying one.

Yes yes , that is the way to go.

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