East Cost YZ250F's!

Let us know when you get your bike, or when your dealer says their supposed to come in.

My dealer told me a while ago they should be here at the end of this month. Which is pretty much this week. I hope it comes this week! Maby next week, but im sick of waiting!

Just checked one out here.......San Francisco

They had an '06 YZF 50th anniversary

A CRF 450

and a KXF 250 on the showroom.

I asked them when the '06 bikes were coming in and they barely even knew they had them......or that most were in high demand and "late" to dealers.

But this is the city.....I guess they don't do much moto. They had a bunch of trail bikes ttr and wr yamahas......but as far as moto......they also had a yz 250 for '06.

If you are in Ca. give 'em a call I guess.

Mission Motorcycles in Daly City (Yam, Hon, Kaw)

the anniversay bike was an yz250f yam

fyi....San Fran is west coast :banghead:


Hey Blaster, where are you from?

I'm in Monroe,10 mins from Raceway.

Awesome, i'm from Cranbury. I think we live a pretty even distance from raceway park.

I met a few TT people there, i've probally seen you there too. I'm going to raceway park tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad because the rain wasnt that intense. Last saturday it was like perfect. The groomed it really well.. They had to because of the constant rain for 8 days.

If you're not first on your dealers list, don't plan on p/u your '06 until late November or early December. The first ones will be in 2nd week November, The remaining allocations will start rolling un late Novembert early December.

Are you guys hitting the practice track at ETown tomorrow? I thought it would be too wet!

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