Tank below the carb

OK, I posted this in another thread with no replies. I have the tank on my conversion bike and the petcock is below the carburetor. Will it run like this. I can't test it out yet myself, or I would obviously. It is a DMC frame with 04 CR85 tank, so I assume it will work fine, but was curious.

It will work as long as the gas itself is above the carb, which I assume it is. :banghead:

The petcock is below the carb on my homebuilt conversion, too. It hasn't been a problem, and I've put some pretty hard hours on the bike. The tank/cylinder fin interference, and resulting leak, has been, but that's another story...

you just won't be able to completely run the tank dry there will always be some fuel in the bottom of the tank.

That is what I assumed, but it has been a while since I had physics :banghead:

you can add a mikuni fuel pump like off the jetskis that work off manifold pulse vacum. Some road bikes use them.

Some days my spelling is terrible................................

I have the 7.0 gal IMS tank with vacuum fuel pump for long trips on my XR650R. It works great but it requires a gasoline holding chamber in the tank above the carb inlet so that if you need to kick start the bike when fuel level is below carb inlet you will have positive gravity flow to get started. I am not familiar with the jet ski set up.

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