Handlebars. All you guy's over 6ft


Been searching and gathering info on a Scotts dampener with the right handlebar combination. Ref: B-Super Senior enduro rider, 6'4", '04 WR450. I have never been comfortable standing with Renthal CR Hi's standard 7/8" bars. Assuming the dampener won't fit with these bars what do you tall guys recommend? Don't know much about the protapers offered by Scotts. Will the bark busters fit? Is the outside diameter the same and the ID smaller? How about protaper min bars like for a CR80? I understand you don't have to cut them down for the tight woods. Thanks guys!

I am 6 foot...with protaper fat bars in CR hi bend, mounted to a Scotts clamp, with stabilizer.

Its still a tad short for me. However, BRP has a scotts undermount system that raises the bars another inch or so.

Protaper fat bars are larger outer diameter than 7/8 steel bars...and also smaller ID.

The ID for all aluminum bars are approximately the same...the bark buster bar ends will work, but the bar CLAMPS you have might be too small for the fat bar. you will need adapter clamps.

will you be replacing the upper triple clamp? if you do, most of the after market triple clamps have different bar clamps available. you should be able to move the bars forward a bit and get a taller bar clamp set up.

I run Pastrana bend Pro Tapers with 1/2" riser blocks on my stock clamp. I'm 6'3" and I am pretty happy with that. I don't know how the Pastrana bend compares to the CR High but they have a pretty tall rise to them.

Good Luck :banghead:

You have to get the tapered inside mounts for your bark busters, they cost extra obviously and say right on the package that they are for large OD tapered bars. Other wise you can use the mounts that bolt to the tripple clamp, thats what I use.

I run Pro-Tapers on my sons 85, I chose to get a Pro Taper tripple clamp for it but you can always buy the adapters for the stock clamp as well, (it's cheaper), I had narrow the bars a bit but they work great.

Each time I but Pro Tapers on a bike, I never have to buy another set of bars again. They are far and away the toughest bars I've ever use they just don't bend :banghead:

I have been fighting this since I bought my bike new in '02. I think I finally fixed it today.

Now, I don't run a damper, and I don't know how you would with this setup (although I am sure the WER damper would work). But, the difference in riding position is absolutely worth it to me. I have only ripped around the neighborhood, but I can tell already this is what I was looking for. I can now stand and relax. Legs are straight, arms hang naturally to the bars, and my weight is forward where it's supposed to be.

Man, I can't wait to hit the trails!


Here's a link to their website: http://www.mts.net/~andyj/barrisers/

Here's the thread I started where I heard of them: TT Thread

By the way, all stock cables and wires are long enough for these risers. Install took 5 minutes. I ordered them about 9-10 days ago, and just got them today.

Great stuff guy's! Wish I knew how to keep this thread with the current stuff. Old Bones, 1-1/2" back and up. That's a radical change in factory ergo's (if that's the right word). You're way up and over the forks. I wonder if you'll have to adjust r'bd & comp? I can't wait to hear your ride review: Any new pains? Arms are going to be higher when sitting down, little more stress on the forearms. I would also think it would scoot you further up on the seat, a good thing. Where you faster and how do you feel at the end of the day. Please be candid.

I have been running the Pro Taper Windham bend on my KX for a couple years. I am 6'1", works well. At 6'4" you could use the Pro Taper adapter which raises the bars about an inch.

Pro Tapers will bend, if you crash hard enough. I have been riding with slightly bent ones for over a year now. :banghead:

I was using the ProTaper style adapters before. They raise your bars 3/4", but follow the same angle as your forks, so they actually put the bars closer to you (back) by about 1/2". These move the bars FORWARD 1-1/2, as well as up.

Ok, you asked for a ride review of AJ's monster risers, and here it is.

These risers make the WR a better bike. No doubt about it. Tall guy, short guy, it doesn't matter. The stock WR bar position is just too far back in your lap. Moving the bars forward sets you up to be in a proper attack position. Now, I am standing straight, legs mostly straight with knees just slightly bent, back straight and relaxed and your hands fall right to the bars. Before, I was all hunched over and pushed back towards the rear of the bike. My arms actually got less tired. I felt my weight was more on the balls of my feet, and I could balance there with less weight resting on my hands, and I didn't have to grip the bars as hard either.

Comfort: 10.

They took five minutes to mount, and worked with all the stock cables and wiring. They look nice on the bike too.

Now, as to the performance. Today we rode mostly tight single track, and it was damp, so the roots and rocks were a little slick. This is me weakest area when it comes to riding fast, basically I suck at tight single track. But, I did feel better today with the new risers. I felt more in control of the bike, like my body was always in the right position to react to the terrain. A marked improvement in the tight stuff.

When it did open up, that's where I noticed a more immediate difference. Man, it felt good. Up over the front of the bike and railing. Great! I can tell already that I will be faster when the trails open up a bit.

Oh, and I don't know why, but they also made standies much easier. I found it simple to pull it up to the balance point and hold it, I rode many of my longest wheelies today. Nice!

Bottom line, yes I would buy these risers again, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a friend.

2nd review of AJ's bar risers:

Install was easy, I'm using the with pro taper contour woods high bend bars.

Standing position is a revelation. I don't know how I rode a bike before, because this is world's better.

Sitting position now feels like the bars are too high, but I think this can be solved by using a higher seat. (SDG or similar). At 6'4" the distance from seat to footpeg is too short anyhow, and probably needs corrected.

Compatability with scott's damper is a problem. They don't have a solution on hand, but will create something if I send them my top clamp and risers. I'm waiting for February to do this so I don't miss out on possible riding time while the bike's apart.

Hope this helps.

Farmer hank

I use Renthal Jimmy Button bend. They are like a CR high bend,except 10mm taller.BTW, I saw a pair of Pro-Tapers snap in half last weekend,and i have never seen Renthals do this.

I have the cr high bend renthal fat bars with adapter and like the setup alot. I think the bike is much easier to ride with the bars higher. I have takin my fair share of crashes and the seem to hold up well, i have bent one pair but the crash would have probably bent any bar. Like yam314 said pro tapers do break, yes i will agree no bar is goin to be perfect and never bend or break but i would try to search and find what u think would be the best bar before u buy a new ones.

I was using the ProTaper style adapters before. They raise your bars 3/4", but follow the same angle as your forks, so they actually put the bars closer to you (back) by about 1/2". These move the bars FORWARD 1-1/2, as well as up.

Me to, Thanks for the info and link,

Ordered mine today and got a confirming email back.

Anyone out there 6'9" or taller riding?

I think I might be the ultimate test of there product :banghead:


just picked up a pair of the jimmy button bend bars (taller then the cr hi's), picked them up for 45 bucks! gotta love diiscounts. im installing them tonight and riding all weekend, ill let you guys know what the outcome is....woops i just noticed some one posted about the jimmy button's but ill still let ya know.

Good reports

WHen I moved my son's KTM65 bars forward the bike got twitchy because the grips are now in front of the steering stem. Any such symptom on the WR's?

And, do the risers feel stout enough for moderate (40-50') jumping on the mx track?

Thanks :banghead:

I'm 6'-2" and I 2nd the use of Jimmy Button Hi-bends

But I have to admit my attack position is still to far rearward.

I think the rise and offset forward along with my bars might just be the ticket :banghead:

I have a set of risers that raise and push forward the bars like the AJ's that oldbones has. However, I got a universal mount from scotts to mount my damper. Now, my damper is under my bars, the post is nice and short for very little flex and it works GREAT!

I can't imagine riding my 03 WR450 without it.


I'm 6'1" and run Button bend Renthals too, with no extra risers. I like the extra height and the straighter bend compared to CR Hi's.

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