Products you will continue to buy- no matter how expensive!

Okay..okay, I know there are a couple other threads out there like this but I'd like to know what some of the great products are. Here are my favorites:

ASV Levers

Alpinestar Tech 8s

Ogio 9800 motocross bag

Fox 360 pant, Fox Flexair Jersey and Fox Vented Strafer Pant

I know alot of you think fox sucks and some of it does, I would never buy their boots or their 180 pants or any of their bottom of the line stuff. I had some of that too and the 180 pants ripped right off the bat. But the pieces on my list have held for a couple years now with no rips, fading and still as comfortable as ever. Except the Vented pant, I just got last Christmas. Not sure how long it will hold up but it saved my butt on those killer hot days.

Cadillac Escalade- best vehicle I've ever owned. I've never had something so comfortable, spacious and powerful.


well my 180 pants are great, ive had some bad crashes with them, done everything ive done with my other pants but mine turned out fine, ive had them for a while now and i love them. but one thing i agree with is the asv levers, i havent even bent ine yet:-)


I've heard great things about that autoclutch! I'll look into it. :banghead:

:banghead: Beer :banghead:
:banghead: Beer :lol:

:banghead::lol::lol::busted: OK Beer,Gas,Oil

Toilet paper. :banghead:

I put a FOX Racing Shox on my street bike and it transformed it from a nice ride to a knee dragging pure race bike. I can't wait until I can toss some Ohlins on a dirt bike. High end aftermarket suspension is the !@#@, and worth every penny.

i would buy the best stuff i could afford

Food! Skip the toilet paper! :banghead:

Don't think I could do without it either.

dirt bike related items, food

VP Ultimate 4

Renthal Dual Compound Tapered grips

Oakley Crowbars

yamaha motorcycles!

Yep! Fo sure.

I'd also put A-Star Tech 8's on my list.

Tech 6 boots are great, been holding up well for me

MSR Works gloves, better than any glove Ive had

NOST suspension

And of course, KTM bikes

Tapered bars and Ego barkbusters. I will never own another bike again that doesn't have those two parts.

gasoline......A.K.A......... petrol!!!!!

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