Flywheel puller for WR426 02

does anyone know what type of flywheel puller i need for my 02 WR426? all the manual says is "part no ###### etc" which tells me absolute jack?and the pics in my Clymer manual shows a YZ400F 98-99 flywheel which is different to mine? (spose i better get a Clymer manual that covers the WR's up to 02?)

I am not having any luck trying to find the right one for my particular model here in the u.k? tried ebay and there's loads of the bolt type but none of the plated type (round plate with 3 holding bolts) which i think is the one i need?

I gave up trying to get it off with a car puller when i did a top-end rebuild some weeks ago, it wouldn't budge, and now it's all built up again i can't remember if it had an internal thread on the flywheel or not? i know it had the 3 small holes, but that could be for the holder when slackening the retaining nut (another tool, i'll probably need too?) last time i secured the top end of the con rod with a socket extender and a rag, through the gudgeon pin hole, locked in position against the crankcase, (worked a treat by the way) but now the head/piston is back on, that method is out the window!

Does anyone know where i can get the correct one? tried yamaha and they wanted over £100!!!! can you believe that :lol: i bet they don't sell many at that price :lol:

This has been doing my head in now trying to find the right part i need to whip my flywheel off so i can replace the cam chain, i been searchin for weeks now and i don't seem to be getting anywhere :lol:

anyone help me out here or point me in the right direction, or at least confirm which type i need :busted:

tried googlin the part no's too, still no luck :banghead:

your probably thinking..... "why didn't i get it sorted when i first had it stripped?" well, the answer to that is, in my haste to get out and test my reshim and YZ timing mod i gave up with the new cam chain and settled for doing it over the winter when i intend to get an overbored to 450cc (or thereabouts) and said i'd do it all then, but this flywheel puller "hunt" has done my head in literally!

please someone tell me where i can find one that's a LOT cheaper than yamahas prices, and while were at it, a suitable holding tool too, preferably here in the U.K :banghead:

Wow! they're cheap......... i'll see if i can find a similar hub puller here in the U.K. coz i dont think Harbor Freight ship outside the U.S? i doubt very much that it will be as cheap as that one though!! I was thinking of getting one of those "universal" type pullers, but the ones i've seen are in the £30-40 range, silly prices for a tool used rarely :lol:

I've managed to find an offroad stockist for the holding tool but, again, in excess of £25, think that's about $44, expensive eh? I guess i'm gonna have to bite the bullet and fork out lots of wad for these tools as i will have to have them in my toolbox at some point :lol:

shame i lost ALL my tools some years ago when some kind soul decided to help himself to my garage collection, and i'm slowly trying to build them up again? Ain't seen the Snapon bus around ere for sometime either? :banghead:

thanks for your info anyway.. :banghead:


I bet Harbor Freight WILL ship to the UK...however, even with their low prices, the cost of shipping may run the total cost over what you could buy for locally. E-mail 'em and can't hurt!

they do ship to the UK

I have successfully used the standard automotive puller, just be sure you have the corect sized bolts with appropriate washers. You can also get one specifically made for the bike from Baja Designs, in fact they include one in their dual sport kits for the WR.

Stranglers. fan motion pro make the very tool your after try off road only or race spec i would use the correct tool as the thread for the rotor nut is like butter, i used a universal puller last time i pulled the flywheel and it creamed the thread,regards S for a flywheel puller. I believe it is $19.95 and it is exactly the right tool (only tool you should use).

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