05 525MXC valve adjustment

i cant seem to find anywhere that has a manual or my bike..and ktm talk wont let me register cuz i have hotmail e-mail..anyways..i just need to know what the clearance's are supose to be and how to get it top dead center..ya it has the mark on the bottem of the crank..but i can never find it..can any one help???

Remove spark plug cap so the bike can't start!!!

Put bike in 3rd gear and rotate rear wheel slowly until you meet resistance (compression stroke)

Remove spark plug and insert wooden rod (a chopstick works great)

Rotate piston until rod is as high as it will go (TDC)

If you want you can remove the timing plug in the front of the crankcase (to the right of the centerline) and reinstall it without the thick washer to lock the crank in place.

Adjust valves to 0.004 to 0.005 inches.

That's how I do it....

Here are some pics:


Here is a place to download a manual:


John Davies

I just put my bike on a stand and put it in sixth gear and rotate the rear tire until I get to TDC. You will know when you are at TDC because you will be able to wiggle the intake and the exhaust valves. Just to be sure you are at TDC, shine a flashlight through the exhaust cam cover hole and you should see the cam lobe pointing down. If you are on the wrong stroke, you will only be able to wiggle the exhaust valves. This method takes less than an hour and you don't have to remove the plug, ignition cover, or crank bolt.

thanks guys... .004-5 inches!!..that doesnt seem much..but maybe thats just ktm..my honda was .012 intake.and .014 ex but alright all try it..thanks again

The factory specified adjustment clearance is 0.005" for both intake and exhaust valves. It is a wise idea to make sure that the intake valves have a "loose" 0.005" clearance as the intakes tend to close up some between valve clearance check intervals. :banghead:

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