RM 125 Speed

How Fast do these bikes go i have to drag one and i was wondering if i had a chance? This kid brags way to much for his own good so i want to shut him up. :banghead:

you will smoke him, here is what i would do, go down to your local shop and get a tooth bigger front sprocket. it will go alot faster, but you will lose a lot of bottom end. you will smoke him on top though.

Depends on what you are riding. You Avatar is Yamaha, and your signature is a WR250 with mods. Also what year RM125 and what mods. Chances are in the long run you would catch him, if you could see through the dust he would leave you in off the line. The 125's of today are some fast SOB's, but not usually on the top ends. However I have no problem smokin most 125's off the line on my RMZ.

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