XR650r jetting question

2002 XR650r stock motor...pro circuit t-4 pipe...175 main..unknown pilot.

idles fine, easy to start...as long as the throttle is rolled on smooth, it runs perfect. but, hammer it quickly it hiccups.. i've searched for a list of carb-jetting-needle position specs, b ut can't seem to find em'. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

What position is the clip in the needle?I would try calling Dave Chase @ Pro Circuit.Get his two cents? I'm thinking needle postion(clip) and pilot jet since you "opened" it up with a pipe.What about at top end? See you in Baja!

Thank you "cosmo" I'm hoping to get all the specs, before taking the carb apart...so, I don't know which position the needle is in..i'm guessing it's a little off.

Maybe i'll just sell the silly Honda and buy a Husky...what do you think?

See you in Baja, for sure..."upstairs"

Ya know....I hope I DON'T see you "upstairs"! Yuk! I was also thinking you could have a low float bowl level? So that when you stab the throttle it's starving a little for fuel.What about thru whoops etc.? Any stumbling there? You might want to try this in the XR600/650 section?Check the international section also. See you in Baja.

Cosmo, I have received all the specs I need from the 650 forum.. You are a wonderful man. I will purchase for you- one- full frontal lap-type dance, from the transvestite of your choice. Peace out

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