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In the March 2005 issue of DIRT BIKE they make a RMZ into an enduro. In the article it states that "...wired a UFO headlight into the RMZ's unused lighting coil (the yellow wire)" I am interested in doing this but do you not need a negative end for the light to have a circuit or do you just hook it up to your frame as a ground. Sorry I know very little about electics. Thanks.

First and foremost you will need a 12vac voltage regulator.

1. Tap into the white wire at the CDI unit and connect the yellow wire of the regulator and the light.

2. Run the brown wire of the regulator and the other side of the light to the frame.

This will put the regulator in parallel with the light.

3. Bolt the regulator to the frame for heat disapation

4.You will need a light switch or the bike will not start. The switch must be in the off position before attempting to start the bike. Make sure the switch is before the regulator.

Keep in mind that the coil is only rated at around 30-35watts. Use of a larger wattage bulb will damage the coil. :banghead:

Cheers.. :banghead:


Where would one get a voltage regulator that you mentioned ?

Well i finally got all the parts i need in, a moose volt pac and an old klx300 head light(30watt) from a buddy. After working on it for a while and not being able to get any light, I gave up. I have no idea what im doing wrong. What i have done is taken the yellow wire that is entering the cdi box, cut it and split that to the voltage regulater and the other to the power of the headlight. Both the grounds are grounded well. Could you tell me what im doing wrong. Thanks.

Ps. Im far from being an elecrtician

Ok....you are tapping into the wrong wire. Use the white wire at the cdi box.

The yellow wire you've used, at the cdi box, is from the throttle sensor.

Sorry...my bad there. I got hung up on the mags stating the use of the yellow wire.:applause:


First things first, what year is your kx250f?Only 2004 kxf is capable of running headlight using stock stator.The 2005 kxf requires aftermarket lighting/stator and aftermarket flywheel.

Just put a light on my 04 KXF all the info was great but i didn't have to put a light switch on and it still starts and runs.

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