2150 miles should there still be metal in my filter when changing my oil?

I have a 2005 XR650L. I chanded my oil the 1 time at 200 miles,2 time 850 miles,3 time at 850 miles,4 time 1200 miles,and today at 2150 miles I put a scotts SS oil filter at 1200 miles. I am still finding small parts of metal in the filter. I run the bike on Mobil 1 15w50 since the 200 mile oil change.The bike runs great, no noises, and the oil is always clean. Should I worry or is the oil filter just doing its job? Thanks

You sure its metal? may just be some clutch material. :banghead:

Is clutch material sliver? Is this a bad thing if It is the clutch?How can I tell?

Small parts of metal? If you are talking about the occasional flake of metal I'd say not big deal. Especially at only 2000, still a fairly young engine.

PULL THE OIL LINE GOING TO THE HEAD and make sure it sprays oil like a bastard!


PS the steel line that goes up near the right-rear of the cylinder.


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